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The Story

Willow Bates: a recent college graduate, who works at a small cafe, lives alone in her childhood home. Lonesome and suffocated by the tedium of working at an unfulfilling job, Willow found a quiet joy in otome games. With few friends and a non-existent love life, shes grown attached to the happiness brought by romance novels.

We join our heroine as her mundane days are interrupted the morning she stumbles across strikingly handsome, vaguely familiar men. After a second glance, it all becomes clear: her favorite characters are now real. “Be careful what you wish for.”

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Six Routes

Dive into the beautiful otome that takes you further than just falling in love. With six routes to explore, Love is a Game offers six distinct romances, six unique characters, and dozens of choices to change the outcome of your heroine’s tale.

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Immersive Story

Enjoy breathtaking art and character portrayal as you journey through the life of a girl who’s wish for a story-worthy love life has just been granted.

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Relatable Characters

Our artistic otome brings relatable challenges and hardships to the game, by creating a story riddled with the realistic struggle of pursuing happiness and a dream romance.

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Labor of Love

This union of stunning graphics and captivating story is the first of Audilis’s Creations: Love is a Game.

Meet the Team

Made For All

We will ship both the initial demo as well as the final product using Epic's robust Unreal Engine 4. Initially, the game will be available for iOS and Android. We will also release the game on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

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