Love is a Game Press Kit

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Love is a Game is the union of stunning graphics and captivating story brought to life by Epic's robust Unreal Engine 4. This artistic visual novel brings relateable challenges and hardships to the game while creating a story riddled with the realistic struggle of pursuing happiness and a dream romance.

Players assume the role of Willow Bates, a recent college graduate struggling to find her place in world. Willow's lone source of joy is otome games, where romances with fictional men provide her with comfort. One day, she finds that six men from her favorite game have come to life.

Players can explore six different routes, each focusing on one of the different men. Throughout these routes, players can make choices that impact the progression of the story, with the ultimate goal of finding true love.


  • 100% Original Story, Artwork and Music!

    We are making every cutscene, sprite, background and song ourselves in order to provide an immersive world and consistent experience.
  • 30+ CGs!

    Each route will feature at least five gorgeous custscene images that can be unlocked throughout the story.
  • Six Routes!

    Each route features a unique experience. Six romanceable character each offer their own personality and flaws that you will need to approach differently.
  • 18 Possible Endings!

    With three different endings for each of the six storylines, there is plenty of replay value. Your ending depends on the choices you make, so choose wisely!
  • Gameplay Your Way!

    Change the main character's name, remove her sprite, adjust text speed and more. Arrange your settings as you wish to enhance your experience.



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Logos and Icons

The Audilis logo, Audilis-A logos, and Love is a Game logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Audilis, DBA in the United States and elsewhere. Redistribution use is limited to press and promotional purposes.
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Promotional Assets

All chibi artwork is © 2016, Audilis. Redistribution is limited to press and promotional uses.
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About Audilis

An indie company based out of Chicago, IL, Audilis is made up of 10 passionate individuals driven to contributing a beautiful game with depth to the otome scene. Our team consists of 2 writers, 5 artists, musician, programmer and project director. As fans of otome, we hope our games are enjoyed by the same fandoms that brought us together.


Project Director
Davin Salas
Daniel Lynn
Autumn Munro
Viola Yuzuki
Armi Benitez
CG Artist
Crystal Quach
Sprite Artist
Sarah Lyu
Background Artist
Jasmin Aleman
CG Artist
Alyssa Menes
Camille Arana
Textbox & Settings UI Design
Julie Nyugen
Background Artist

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